WIP – Dolls

I have been doing so many things for the past three weeks but I am going to start by posting about a project I started months ago.

It began when  I went on a shopping spree, I bought a lot of 80’s Strawberry Shortcake dolls, I came across some dolls from Bandai who for some reason lost their hair, they were bold and without clothes.

My idea was to repaint those without hair; I have seen so many re-painted dolls and they look beautiful but soon I came across with problems, for example what type of primer, sealer, paints or pencils to use.  But the biggest setback/problem was that I remembered that I can’t paint a pair of eyes, the first eye always a piece of cake the second one never,  the second eye will always look wonky; that is why I decided to go with the easy way and used safety eyes.  But to be honest it is hard to poke a hole in the little doll’s face, both physically and emotionally.

The dresses, shoes, and wig cap are crocheted and the hair is yarn.




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Totoro Plushie — For Sale

Finally I was able to create my very first pattern!! Oh, happy day!!  This was one of those unfinished projects that was lost and forgotten. This Totoro plushie was supposed to be a Christmas present [last year] but I wasn’t able to finish the pattern on time and finding that type of nose was just as hard as drafting the pattern.  I’m not a pattern maker but I was determined to draft a simple Totoro pattern, so, the plushie would be extra special.  The pattern is not perfect and probably not accurate but I’m very happy how it turned out and I hope my friends would love it.

These days I’m trying to use all the fabric left from past projects and sell the plushies for less that what I would charge for a commission. So, I’ll be putting him for sale on my store if someone is interested in buying him.



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Commission – Lavi (D.Gray-man)

This happy chibi  is Lavi from “D.Gray-man” and it was a commission for L on DA

Adding all the white trim was time-consuming but we like the result. We thought making the hair style was going to be difficult but it wasn’t…first of all because the headband did all the trick. Second of all, the commissioner suggested to leave it without any stiffener. Cool, huh?

The jacket has a functional zipper but it is not removable. The scarf is not removable.  The headband has a velcro closure and the details were handpainted. the main belt has a side release buckle and the second belt has O-rings and a metal slide. He has only one eye.





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Takumi Plushie — Fire Emblem Fates

First of all I have to apologize to my sister for not uploading all the plushies she has made, that is the difference between the two of us while I sulk, get depressed and hide from the world she works her butt off. -Mekka

After so many rough times and without the energy to do much, we  just had to drag ourselves to work on commissions.  We didn’t know where to start . . .there were little things to finish on this and other plushies.  However after a few hours working on the commissions we just realized how much we love doing this.  It brings us so much joy seeing each plushie completed.

Anyway, this little guy is Takumi from “Fire Emblem Fates” and it is a commission for A on DA.

We couldn’t have done this guy without the help of  the commissioner. She was the first commissioner to get really involved in making this guy a one of a kind.  Thanks to her who found that beautiful spot fur and that amazing yarn this plushie have those distinctive details. Not only she was very helpful but she was very patience and understanding with all the delays.

The bow was made of paper clay, foam and wire.  I don’t think it looks that bad but I sure feel like I have to improve a lot. It has a magnet to hold the bow which by the way it is a bit heavy and the magnet barely holds it.





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Trying to get up and continue

We’re half way through 2016 and things haven’t improved.  Since the beginning of the year my family had to deal with health problems but the biggest hit was to lose a dear family member and now my mom is facing health problems which bring back sad memories.

To be honest I kept putting off writing about what has happened because I know I am in my dark place again.  I do appreciate people taking time to try and comfort me by talking or sharing their beliefs but I can’t find comfort about the loss of my aunt, even to this day all I feel is sadness and for some reason anger, this is one of those times where my feelings trumps reason.  But I know my battle is not over and as long as I am here I need to get up and continue and that is what I will do.


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When we decided to start this blog we decided it was going to be about our hobbies and things we love making; we always want to come here to share only pleasant events. However, this New Year started pretty bad for us and our family and it has gotten worse as the year continued.

The reason of this post is not to whine but to request something that might be seen as “silly” to some people but it is something we are asking from the bottom of our hearts. We are asking for “PRAYERS FOR OUR AUNT” who has been battling a terminal illness and whose condition had gotten worse in the past weeks.

We do understand that there are things/events that are inevitable but we ask for prayers for our aunt so she can live the time she has left the best way that she can.  She is a fighter and she is willing to keep fighting or at least that is what she told us the last time we visited her [a few days ago]. We are not giving up on her and we’ll do anything in our human power to help her but the rest is in God’s Hands which is why we ask people who wish to help her to pray or send her positive energy. We’ll be forever grateful for every wish and minute of prayer for her.

EkkE and Mekka

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After so many tries, I have perfected the patterns I was trying to write, well, to be honest I don’t know if someone could understand my so called patterns. I am still in the process of learning, and it is tough when you’re learning on your own.

The normal thing to do when learning a new craft is to start with easy projects, maybe knit a pot holder, a washcloth, or a scarf but not me, oh no, I don’t know what I think I am but I dive right into more challenging projects.

I looked around for knitting patterns or clothes for my 80’s Strawberry Shortcake dolls but there are not many available and their original clothes cost more than the doll itself.  I know it would be awesome to have their original clothes but now you are free to give them new styles, new personalities, right?

This particular outfit was inspired by the work of Holly Hobbie, Joan Walsh Anglund, Betsey Clark, Tasha Tudor, and Beatrix Potter among others great illustrators whose work captures/depicts the warmth, and innocence and the joy in small things in life.




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