$1 Donation for Sleepy, Skinny and Fluffy

Hello everyone!

We don’t usually make this kind of request because we are well aware that in the economy we are living sometimes we don’t have the money to spare on this kind of fundraising. However, the reason why my sister and I decided to do it is because of a feral cat we found almost dead on the streets last Friday [8 days ago]. It is heartbreaking to see a scene like that but it is harder to turn the other way and do nothing about it. This fundraising is to help Sleepy, Skinny and Fluffy who are stray/feral cats.

We will share the story of “Sleepy” [as we call him] who is the one of the three stray/feral cats who is trying to survive in the hospital. If after reading his story you would like to donate to help him and the other two cats we would appreciate it very much. We don’t have pictures of Sleepy at the moment since we took him directly to the hospital after we found him. However for those who would like to see the bill/invoice or if you want to inquire directly to the hospital we are willing to provide the information just send me a PM requesting the information. Something that we need you to keep in mind is that at this point we are not sure if he/Sleepy is going to make it or not. So far, it has been 8 days since he was taken to the hospital, today my sister called to inquire about his progress and the doctor said that he is starting to get better, it is a slowly recovery. The expenses for the time that he has been in the hospital is covered but we still don’t know how many more days he will need to be in the hospital any donation [if any] will help us keep him in the hospital in case he needs more days than what are already paid. In addition, part of the donation will be used to help the other two cats “Skinny” and “Fluffy” [we couldn’t come up with better names]. The donation will help us pay for the visit to the vet and for the necessary tests for this two cats. We want to help these other two cats before something happen to them like it did to Sleepy.

This is “Skinny” a white cat who is pretty skinny and dirty. She started to come to our house two weeks ago. We have started to feed her in hopes to catch her and take her to the vet or to any rescue group.


This one is “Fluffy” another white and brown cat who has been around the neighborhood for quite sometime but who in the past months has started to hang out in our back and front yard.


Here is Sleepy’s story:

Last Friday my sister was on her way back home from work and saw a cat laying on the middle of the street close to our house. As soon as she got home she told me there was a poor dead cat on the street. We decided to go and check before he would be crushed by other cars. As we were getting closer to where he was laying we saw him raise his little head; then, we knew he wasn’t dead, so we rushed to help him. A lady from one of the houses close to the street was already on her way to help the cat but she stopped as she saw us getting closer to him. Since we were not prepare to take him home I asked the lady for some rags or plastic bags to carry the cat , she was really nice and gave us gloves and a blanket to help the cat.

We knew that the cat was in a very bad condition and we were not sure if he was going to make it to the hospital. We are grateful that they took him in pretty quickly and did not turn him away for being a stray/feral cat. After a 3 hours waiting we had some news about his condition. The doctor said that his condition was pretty bad he had mange all over his body, anemia, and an abnormal body temperature. He continued saying that mange was easy to treat but it was hard to tell if there was another under laying health problem. Then, he told us the estimated cost for his treatment if we wanted to give it a try even though there was no guarantee he was going to respond to the treatment. If we didn’t want to go with the treatment the other option was to put him down.

The estimated cost was $710.00 which included the doctor visit, iv fluids, 3 days in the hospital, tests etc. That was a lot of money to spend in one night especially because we are going through some financial problems. However the life of a living creature is worth the try. We were left alone for a few minutes to decide what to do but we already made our decision the moment we brought him to the hospital. When the doctor was back we told him about our decision, we were going to give it a try, to leave him in the hospital for 3 days in the care of doctors and to give him a very slim chance to survive. The doctor said he would do his best to help the kitty. We know that life is given by God only and that leaving him in the hospital was to give him a chance to fight for his life only.

He was going to stay in the Hospital until Sunday but on Saturday the doctor called to tell us the result of the test, Sleepy was FIV positive and he wasn’t responding well to the treatment. He told us to leave him an additional day without any extra charge. Sunday another doctor called us to tell us that there was no improvement at all but considering the state he was brought to the hospital it would take more time/days to see if the treatment was working or not. On Monday, we were supposed to go to the hospital to decide what else to do but the doctor called again and said that Sleepy started to eat which could be a good sign; therefore he said that he was going to keep him for another day in the hospital.

Tuesday my sister called to inquire about Sleepy’s progress and the doctor said that Sleepy seems to be getting better reason why he wanted to keep him for a couple more days, so, Sleepy was going to stay until Friday. He also said that if we have the time we could go visit him. It was wonderful news to hear that Sleepy is slowly getting better yet we couldn’t deny the reality that having him stay in the hospital for more days was going to be quite expensive.

At this point there was no way we were going to back out, we knew it was going to be expensive to keep him for more days than planned but if he is still breathing and fighting for his life, we would do what we can to keep him in there. Something that we didn’t expect was the other news: when my sister asked him for the estimated cost for the extra days the doctor responded to her that those extra days were on him. He wanted to help Sleepy and he would not charge more than what we already paid. We couldn’t believe it, you don’t hear something like this everyday, we were profoundly grateful for his kindness and compassion toward a nobody’s cat. It is too soon to say whether Sleepy will fully recover or not but for now this is more than what we could have ever asked.

Later that day we went to visit Sleepy at the hospital, he was covered with a blanket and he looked as if he was sleeping that‘s pretty much all we can say. We talked to the doctor and he said that Sleepy was doing better, believe it or not but he’d probably need more time to show better improvement. The doctor continued saying that the poor cat had it rough, that maggots hatched on him while he was there and they had to take them off, so, considering all that seeing him eat and finally being able to maintain his own body temperature that was a good sign. We also talked about what would happened if in the next days there is a turn of event and he gets worse; if that happens it would be time to put him down. The doctor also said he would try to help us with the other two cats “Fluffy” the friendly one and who seems to like us but “Skinny” is the scared cat and runs away and hide when we are nearby. However, she is eating the food that we are giving her, so, we hope we can catch her and take her to the vet.

So far this is Sleepy’s story, it has been 8 days since we found him half dead on the streets yet he is still fighting to stay alive by slowly responding to the treatment. Regardless of the outcome of Sleepy’s condition we decided to ask for donations to help him [if he fully recovers] and to help the other two stray/feral cats.

Any help will be greatly appreciate it. If you guys can’t donate that is okay we understand but maybe you can still help by sharing the story with others. We understand that no one is oblige to help us in any way but we thought it was worth the try.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read.


EkkE & Mekka


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Words cannot describe what we are. We are a little bit complicated to explain. All we can say about ourselves is that we live a foolish life. EkkE-Mekka, we are sister and Ed is our little nephew. The three of us are always finding new ways to pass the time. We cosplay, write, sew, draw, do crafts, chase the ice cream man and a whole lot of other things. So, we hope you enjoy reading about our silly adventures.
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