On Monday night I watched the season finale of Sleepy Hollow and I kind of have mixed feelings about it…  Henry’s death and Katrina’s change of heart seemed rushed. I think the characters had potential if the writers would only have given them time to develop.

Am I the only one who thinks that characters like Katrina and Henry are somehow needed in a story?  I guess so.

Not all characters can be the hero, not all characters have to be likeable and not always the main characters have to end up in a romantic relationship to make the story work. Of course, that is my personal point of view.

I’m not saying that Katrina was the best character ever, but the problem is that the writers didn’t give her enough time to develop as a character; I think she had potential to be liked or to be hated with a solid good reason.  Henry’s reason to work for Moloch was understandable but he showed a better reason to turn into a real bad guy/villain later on. Sadly, viewers/fans were not happy with having Katrina as Ichabod’s wife and Henry’s grudge against his parents; therefore, they had to go from the show. The only problem is that the writers didn’t do a good job to let them go. [Yeah, everyone is a critic, including me.]

Regardless of Katrina’s passive–almost dead performance in the story, I believe the real reason why some people didn’t like her is because she was the one keeping Ichabod from having a romantic relationship with Abbie. [Am I wrong?]

I do understand why everyone loves Abbie; I mean, she is the cool, tough female who is kicking butt and doesn’t really need a man to save her. I’m sure every woman would feel like she is a good role model [don’t know why people are always looking for role models on TV programs…Hello!] or the kind of female character they want to root for.  [Again, I respect people’s opinions.] So, if Abbie is such a cool character why the need to have some sort of romantic relationship with Ichabod when they are doing pretty good as just partners and friends?  At the end, people want the same thing “romance” on every single series. SIGH!

So, why characters like Katrina and Henry are somehow needed? Well, in my personal opinion because they don’t have to be perfect as it is expected with the main characters or the hero. Average characters like them are allowed to have flaws, make mistakes, have a change of heart, act more human.  Characters like them represent the average person out there who dreams to be like Abbie or Ichabod but who are more likely to end up messing things up like Katrina.  Of course, I’m sure no one wants to be like Katrina because she is not perfect and all of us want to be the one who saves the day and gets the chick or the man. Anyway, I think that without weak characters we wouldn’t see the qualities of our heroes.

Also, many people argued that Katrina didn’t do much in the story, that she is weak, easy to manipulate and that she complicate things; well, there is only place for one Abbie.  Besides, there has to be some sort of conflict in the story besides the good and evil battle. Since Abbie has always been telling Ichabod that there is no time for relationship and they have to keep focus on their mission, it was nice to have Ichabod and Katrina dealing with this sort of issues. More than once Abbie had put Ichabod to choose between Katrina and his mission, I just wonder if Abbie would be this tough if it comes down about her sister Jenny [Well, she didn’t give up on Joe Corbin . . .] I think having Katrina as Ichabod’s wife kept the story from falling into the same old cliché: “partners falling in love, getting married and having children.” [That certainly is getting boring.]

Anyway, I certainly think that writers could have done a much better job with Katrina as a character.  At least they could have given the viewers a real reason to hate her not just because she was Ichabod’s wife.  Making Katrina to abruptly go dark side and get her killed seemed like a poor way to resolve the problem.  I think there weren’t enough reasons to kill her; it is true, she had a moment of insanity since she was in pain due to her son’s death; that can be understandable.  So, she was unwilling to let Abbie kill Henry; that is understandable too.  All around you can see real mothers unwilling to accept the truth that their children are bad even when they have committed murder. So, Katrina was just one of those mothers who still think their children are not evil only misunderstood or misguided.  I think Katrina was probably the more human character in the story with flaws, and making mistakes, sometimes doing not much, sometimes confuse, after all, she wasn’t supposed to be the hero of the story.

I’m not exactly trying to make people like Katrina; I mean every person is entitled to like or dislike her, right? My problem is that I’m afraid that Sleepy Hollow without Katrina would end up like another Bones or Castle, where both main characters get into a romantic relationship.

I have to admit that some teasing of a platonic love might be interesting to watch but it gets tired when every new series follow the same old formula.  What I liked about Sleepy Hollow [ahem, besides Ichabod] was that the two main characters were showing that they care for each other without necessary falling into a romantic love.  Their friendship was something nice to watch.

It is kind of sad to see that viewers like to watch the same lovey-dovey over and over on each new series and those TV series that look promising because they are different get cancelled or they are forced to change to please the crowds. –



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