American McGee’s Alice –WIP 01

Finally I started to work on my rag dolls again. After I made the Pierrot clown doll which is 14 inches tall and kind of skinny I decided to make a few dolls of this size using spare scraps of fabric from previous dolls.  My goal is to use all the scraps before I start buying more fabric.

For my first doll I chose American McGee’s Alice.  Here is the work in progress of the doll.  I’m working on my spare time, so, I’m not sure when it’s going to be finished.

Day 01:  After I finished sewing the doll I thought it would be fun to photograph her bald but I didn’t want to photograph her naked so i made some sort of straitjacket for the picture. Then, I realized it was going to be my only chance to photograph her like that, so, I decided to paint the eyes first which I usually do  last.

Day 02: I was done with the hair.  [Doesn’t she look like the woman from the grudge?]

Day 03: I was done making her undergarments.  Well, I’m not sure what kind of undergarments she is wearing, so, I made her some bloomers and an undershirt.



About foolishlife

Words cannot describe what we are. We are a little bit complicated to explain. All we can say about ourselves is that we live a foolish life. EkkE-Mekka, we are sister and Ed is our little nephew. The three of us are always finding new ways to pass the time. We cosplay, write, sew, draw, do crafts, chase the ice cream man and a whole lot of other things. So, we hope you enjoy reading about our silly adventures.
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