Well, this is the second post in a day, something that I have never done before.  But the good news is that Spring is coming!  Even though the weather hasn’t change much, nature is getting ready and showing that indeed Spring is around the corner.

I like winter better, but I do enjoy watching all the flowers bloom, cool weather, and birds singing.  Just two days ago I notice that my pomegranate tree were starting to grow his leaves again, today I notice that my peach tree has a few green leaves.  He’s still young, he is about 4 or 5 years old, the pomegranate on the other hand is almost 11 years old.  That was the first tree my dad plant in the yard.

Also, birds start the day singing as early as 3 in the morning and today we had some visitors in our front yard.  I was in the kitchen when I heard this screeching sound and as I look at the window I saw three big parrots near the top of the tree, two of them were fighting with each other, or maybe they were playing.  It won’t be long now till we see squirrels chasing each other in the middle of the street too.


Someone is camera friendly!


About foolishlife

Words cannot describe what we are. We are a little bit complicated to explain. All we can say about ourselves is that we live a foolish life. EkkE-Mekka, we are sister and Ed is our little nephew. The three of us are always finding new ways to pass the time. We cosplay, write, sew, draw, do crafts, chase the ice cream man and a whole lot of other things. So, we hope you enjoy reading about our silly adventures.
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