With the end of this year getting closer, I started to look back in time to the days I started to draw. Some years ago I got interested in learning how to draw manga but I have this tiny problem . . . I cannot concentrate/focus to accomplish anything because I get distracted too easily, so, I usually get frustrated and become impatient to continue improving. That tiny problem keeps me jumping from one thing/project/idea to another, that had also stopped me from getting any better at something. Drawing, writing, sewing, photography, etc, it is just little what I know about all that since I have never stick around for too long to learn more and improve.

It is frustrating not being able to focus on a single task. Since I cannot stay focus on doing anything for a long time I thought it would be much easier to work with a freelance artist and ask for commissions but I was wrong. I just didn’t realize that a freelancer was not going to commit to work on my project/story until the end. I have worked with 3 freelancers, the first freelancer worked on 3 stories but she couldn’t continue working on my story because she had to start pursuing her own dream. The second freelancer worked on the first story of AND but he also couldn’t continue because he wanted to work on his own projects. And the third and last freelancer was too busy with his job and projects to continue accepting commission. So, I had to put on hold my story because I can only draw characters standing up. hahah

Anyway, I have to admit that even I got tired of being so negative and of whining so much, so, all that thinking led me to the decision to stop feeling discouraged for everything and to take action—that would be using the little bits of knowledge I gained during all these years and see what can I do with all that.

So, my challenge for this New Year 2013 is to work with what I have. I’ll work for two weeks on a single idea whatever that is [drawing, writing, sewing, photography, etc] and post it here on DA. The whole point of doing this is to be able to stay focus on whatever I’m doing and do my best not to leave it unfinished. Hopefully, this will also help me to improve a little.

Wish me luck on this challenge because I will need it.



About foolishlife

Words cannot describe what we are. We are a little bit complicated to explain. All we can say about ourselves is that we live a foolish life. EkkE-Mekka, we are sister and Ed is our little nephew. The three of us are always finding new ways to pass the time. We cosplay, write, sew, draw, do crafts, chase the ice cream man and a whole lot of other things. So, we hope you enjoy reading about our silly adventures.
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