Did my invitation got lost in the way? I don’t think it was for my sister, for my brother? no way!  What other explanation is there for that owl crying(?) at 1 in the morning on the tree that is in front of our house?  I know that in many cultures, it is believe that an owl is a bad omen, it is even worse if it cries; tragedy will strike in the family.  I rather think that it was there delivering invitations for that darn school, maybe he was looking for food or place to call home; I live near a park so there are plenty of trees around.

I just saw his silhouette, he was on the top branch of a tree.  With my window closed I could barely hear his cry but when I opened the window it was loud.  Whether is true what they say, part of me thinks is not a good warning, the message gets lost in translation.



About foolishlife

Words cannot describe what we are. We are a little bit complicated to explain. All we can say about ourselves is that we live a foolish life. EkkE-Mekka, we are sister and Ed is our little nephew. The three of us are always finding new ways to pass the time. We cosplay, write, sew, draw, do crafts, chase the ice cream man and a whole lot of other things. So, we hope you enjoy reading about our silly adventures.
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