A month ago my aunt took me to one of her foot sessions, it was one of those ionic foot baths that are so popular these days.  Afer I heard the person in charged talking about the foot bath and the benefits a person can get from it I was looking forward to seeing how it worked.  When the session was over, I wasn’t convinced at all that it worked and the reason for that is because everyone kept saying that the water changed color depending on the kind of toxins your body is keeping inside.  However, the water changed color even when the feet were not  in  the water.

Anyway, two weeks ago my aunt came by and she brought one of those machines with her.  She knows I like anything related to natural medicine, health, beauty tips, etc. I guess she thought the machine would make a great gift for me.  So, it was a free gift [or so I thought] I didn’t put much thought about whether it works or not.  My concern started when she called me because a friend of her wanted to try the foot bath. I never opened the box and I didn’t know how to use it, and the worst part is that personally I was/am skeptic about this foot bath.  Even though, I wanted to say no to her I couldn’t refuse going over her house to let her friend use the machine.  I went to her house and gave my aunt and her  friend an “Ionic foot bath.”  They were so thrilled about the foot bath, my aunt kept telling her friend the same things the person at the spa told her.  She was so convincing that her friend believed every single word.   She even wanted to schedule another foot bath for next week.   At the end of the session both of them paid for the foot bath.  I gladly accepted the money since I spent one hour of my precious time doing something I don’t believe in, not to mentioned listening to them. Ahahhaha *joking*

I’m kind of worried because my aunt seriously believes in the foot bath and she told me that some other friends want to try the foot bath.  I have no problem with them using the machine but my problem is accepting their money.  To avoid feeling guilty I tell myself that the money they’ll pay  me is for my time and not for selling them some false information about the benefits of those ionic baths.  Even so, it doesn’t feel right.

I did some research  about those ionic foot baths and people’s opinion is divided [as it is on everything] it is like 50/50.  One side said it works and you actually get rid of toxins by using the foot bath. The other half said it is all a scam.

Before I say it is real or just a scam I needed to learn how it works, right?  NOTE: Everything in quotes is information I found on the net.

“According to the International Institute of Holistic Healing,  the ionic foot bath function is to improve health and energy and detoxify the body by drawing out toxins through a person’s feet. The ionic foot bath is said to work by using stainless steel and brass electrodes in a foot bath of warm water to cleanse the person’s body by drawing out toxins, which are visible as color changes in the water.

A person immerses the feet in the ionic foot bath and keeps them submerged for 30 to 45 minutes. During this time, the ionic charge in the water is supposed to draw out toxins from food, pollution, chemicals and other environmental sources that have built up under the skin layers of the feet. The water changes color during the process based on the particular toxins being drawn out of a particular individual.”

OK. I think this is the problem, people keep telling the client/ whatever that the water changes color due to the toxins but what they don’t explain them is that the water changes color regardless of having the feet in the water. I have the machine and I have tested it and the water changes as soon as the machine begins to work.

“If you operate the foot bath without your feet in the water  it will turn the water to different colors, yellow to orange to brown because the element usage, minerals, and other impurities in the tap water will precipitate out. However, you can see the difference between this and a footbath session. Please note that if the tap water is particularly impure, the difference in water color between feet and no feet will be less noticeable, just like adding a handful of dirt to already dirty water. The fact that the water changes color is evidence that the array is working properly.

The change in color  is due to the interaction of the metals from the array, sea salt, and minerals and impurities contained in the water along with the individuals contribution, creating an ionic field with the water.

The water will change color regardless of whether you have an individual’s feet in the water or not, because the metallurgic reaction of the array and the polarization of the solids and minerals in the water. However; there will normally be 2-3 times the cellular debris within the water when the session is combined with an individual.

The variations in color occur due to each individual’s energy state and toxicity levels as toxins are re-ionized at the molecular level and react with the metals of the array.”

In my opinion it would feel less of a scam if you are told that the color change will occur even if a foot is not in the water.  To be honest many of the people offering  this ionic foot bath doesn’t know much about it. Why I said that? Because I asked some of them and they didn’t know much and stick to the same line: “The water changes color during the process based on the particular toxins being drawn out of a particular individual.”

I cannot blame people for believing in these foot baths and thousand of others treatments that are out there claiming that will help us in one way or another.  We all want to improve our health, live longer, have flawless skin, have more energy, etc.  and we put our trust on people who apparently have the knowledge to help us in each one of those areas.  I don’t know if all this is a scam or not but if people keep asking me to give them the foot bath I will try my best to give them a more accurate information of how this foot bath works.  Then, it will be their decision whether they want to believe in them or not.  And to stop feeling guilty for taking their money  . . .  we all know that foot soaks can make our tired feet feel better, right? A regular foot bath followed by a massage and if I feel generous a pedicure and I can use their money for my next concert trip. haha hah.



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