This past Saturday my sister and I went to the circus, this is the second year we got free tickets.  Although, clowns freak me up that didn’t stop me on going, I just had to manage to avoid them while I was there, which I successfully did.For one day we became kids again, sadly,  these days kids see these types of events as ‘dumb’.  The whole show we were laughing and crying.  I believe that going to the circus,  is a must for children to do, among other things.

This year’s show was different from last year’s, which was good because it wouldn’t be too much fun if you already knew the show.  The acts that I like the most was of a little dog dressed as an elephant acting as a wind up toy and the BMX team.  This circus may not be one of the ‘biggest show on earth’, only 15 members or so but they have to do multiple acts, so it was quite amazing to see their abilities.  Also, it was a good excuse to eat a lot of sugar without being questioned.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t post a video here for the BMX guys but here’s the link.



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Words cannot describe what we are. We are a little bit complicated to explain. All we can say about ourselves is that we live a foolish life. EkkE-Mekka, we are sister and Ed is our little nephew. The three of us are always finding new ways to pass the time. We cosplay, write, sew, draw, do crafts, chase the ice cream man and a whole lot of other things. So, we hope you enjoy reading about our silly adventures.
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