Commission – Ryuusei Plushie (Kamen Rider Fourze)

This is 2 of 2 commissions for JulianaJealousy  on DA

So, here is our beloved Ryuusei!!  My sister asked me many times if she could keep him… she was willing to give a refund . . . can you believe her?

We got a picture of him and Tomoko in their new home [which we love] and I noticed that his hair was all messed up… I have to find a better product to keep the hair style [Maybe a can of hairspray…] If anyone knows of a good product to stiff yarn, please let me know. [To make the curls I use steam but they don’t stay for too long….] And that is one of the things I need to improve or I’ll have to use felt…


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Commission – Tomoko Plushie (Kamen Rider Fourze)

This is 1 of 2 commissions for JulianaJealousy  on DA.

This is the second time we make a plushie based on a real person.  It is always a challenge to find a suitable expression and eye design for plushies when they are based on real people; Therefore we kind of focus on the outfit because that is pretty much what will tell people who they are supposed to be. [And that is our crazy thinking… The End]

We got a picture of her and Ryuusei at their new home.  They sure are happy with their new friends and that made our day!!


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Chibi Jack Skellington Plushie

This little fellow is the only Chibi Jack Skellington that will be made using this triple pinstripe fabric because the fabric is not longer available.

Last year we made two Jack Skellington Art Dolls  and there was some remnants of the white deersuede and the pinstripe fabric that we didn’t want to just throw away [we cannot afford wasting any material].  So, I took the challenge to put all the small pieces together and see if I was able to make a chibi plushie. Well, the result is this Super Chibi Jack which makes me so happy to have made it using only the remnants/scraps.

We are selling this plush at half the price since we still need some extra cash to pay for the new sewing machine we bought awhile ago and like I said before some money is better than no money.

You can find him at our Artfire store by clicking on the image.


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Commission – Shirayuki Mizore Plush

This was the last plushie on the list but some circumstances made us finish it before the other commissions for which we apologize to the commissioners who placed their commission before this one. We sincerely apologize.

This commission is for Cynstra on DA and the character is Shirayuki Mizore from Rosario + Vampire.

For some reason this plushie gave us so much trouble to complete.  Usually we don’t make the clothes removable but we made an exception for this one because we don’t like saying no without trying first. So, the top, skirt, socks and shoes are removable.  Would we make it again? Probably not.  Finding suitable fabric to make each plush is time-consuming enough to spend more time finding small notions like tiny zippers, buttons and other stuff. If it is a personal project not a commission we sure don’t mind spending a lot of time working on details and finding those small notions but other than that, I don’t think we would make another plush with removable clothes.

Anyway, I do enjoy making plushies but I’m under too much pressure at the moment that I just feel crappy. I hope the commissioner likes it.


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CRAFT SWAP – Princess Jellyfish Plush

This is Kuranosuke from Princess Jellyfish and this plush is part of a “craft swap” with Sparkz8D on DA.

The hair is probably one of the things that doesn’t look like the original design but I have to say it is more of my own interpretation since styling the yarn to look like the design is not always possible.  The good news is that she is loved just as it is.


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Trying to get back to sewing

As many of you know my sister is busy making plushies, mainly anime characters.  To be honest, I was the first one who got interested in sewing and making plushies but don’t get me wrong I am so happy for her and I admire her work.  I don’t intend to be her rival in any way, I could never do what she does–all those little details are sure to drive me crazy.

A few years ago I made a felt doll from a free pattern but I never finished it.  The poor doll is sitting in a drawer without clothes, hair or face.  Fast forward to 2015 while I was looking through eBay in search for sewing patterns for my sister, I found this 7 inch doll pattern which it is a simple one. This pattern is a two-piece gingerbread man-like doll, meaning it is flat unlike the ones my sister makes.  I told my sister about it and being awesome as she is, she told me to buy it to see if it was something that I would like to do or not.

My sister ironed, cut and laminated the pattern; she even gave me the fabric and the little mesh thing for the hair, so, I went to my craft room and begun sewing my little doll.  One thing I was sure of, it was that I didn’t want to leave the doll unfinished like the other one. For the moment the dolls are barefoot until I can figure out a way to make shoes. So, I needed a character who didn’t need/wear any shoes; then, I remembered that Jack Frost from the Rise of the Guardians movie has no shoes and I like the character which it was a win-win.

I don’t really know how I made his hoodie; I don’t have a pattern for it.  The pants I followed what my sister told me, just to follow the part of the pattern for his legs add a little more on the side and done!  Now that I think about it, it would have been easier to do that for the hoodie too. Once the clothes were done I dressed up my tiny new doll. I struggled a little bit since the doll was already stuffed but I didn’t want the seams to be on the outside.  Then, I glued the light brown thread on his legs for which I used embroidery floss.

To be honest, I am so happy with my first finished doll.  I am even thinking of making another doll from the same pattern but this time I want to make a little girl.  Hopefully I won’t be bitten by the lazy bug AGAIN [who seems to have made its home inside my room] and leave her mid-way.–

MekkaJack found someone who made him feel at home.

There is a spot open for another Jack!

It looks like somebody is planning something wicked for the new members, and it is not Naruto. 


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Commission – Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)

This is a plush commission for *FidgeyTova* on DA, it was a very detailed character to plushify.

Painting all the details is what took many hours to do especially because I don’t have a steady hand.  After struggling so much to make fine lines I didn’t have a choice than to buy some detail paint brush set which it helped a lot to make those fine lines on the flowers. As requested by the commissioner this plushie has only one arm.  I don’t usually make weapons because I still need a lot to learn but without his swords the character wouldn’t be complete, right?

This is sesshomaru from “Inuyasha” and this is a plush that some people were eager to see it finished.  No pressure at all, huh?

As a side note  . . . I love brushing his gorgeous long hair!


Close ups

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