Commission: Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

This is a character I had been wanting to make for a long time and a character my sister insisted that  I should make. However, I felt a bit intimidated due to the fact  there are official merchandise on the market for half the price I would charge and more accurately made.   Finally, someone requested a commission of Jack Skellington and I couldn’t be more happier for that.

This is a non-DA commission, so, reference pictures were not provided which caused a bit of trouble since I didn’t have enough time to carefully search for good reference pictures.   I used a figure for reference but I’m not sure how accurate it was.  After I was done making the doll I took some time to find a picture for the side-by-side  and I found much better ones. :(

Anyway, I’m happy how it turned out but I have to admit that the pattern needs a few things to improve.


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Commission: Kurapika (HUNTERxHUNTER)

This is the second commission for “JulianaJealousy” on DA.

Kurapika is such a cute character but don’t be fooled by his sweet and innocent look he sure can kick —!  Well, you know what I mean.

Kurapika and Leonhart are on their way to their new home.


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Robin Hood (1973)

After so many months of feeling uninspired it popped in my head the idea of making a Fox-y Robin Hood from Disney’s 1973 film.

So, I went online in search of a fox pattern since I can’t make my own patterns, luckily I found one.  Then my next challenge was making his shirt which I had to improvise as I went along. His hat was going to be from a newborn hat pattern that I found for free but for some reason the top was looking round and I didn’t like how it looked.  Then I remembered seeing another hat pattern of which some people complained about the pointy top, so, I thought that would make a perfect hat for my Fox-y Robin.  I began with that pattern and worked till the desire length. So far, I was very pleased with how my Robin was turning out.

He measures 9 inches with his hat and 8 1/2 inch without it.  I used Red Heart Super Saver’s Carrot, Spring Green, White and Gold.

Now, I have my own Fox-y Robin to add to my collection! :D



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Commission: Squall Leonhart – SeeD Uniform (Final Fantasy VIII)

Finally I finished making this little guy!

He is a commission for “JulianaJealousy” on DA, who just like the other past commissioners had been very patient with me. Although, I try to work fast because I hate to make people wait too long, I must admit that working on a single plush it takes me a lot of time. Hopefully, people will understand and won’t mind the waiting.


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Commission: Jane and Antony (Dangerous Game)

This is a commission for “Bleuberry109″ on DA, they are her original characters Jane and Antony from her story “Dangerous Game.”

This is the first time I had the opportunity to make a female character with a nice long dress and to be honest after making this doll I want to make more Princesses and Princes.  I love the characters’ distinctive features [eyes and hair] and their outfits.

Making Antony’s hair was one of those tricky things to re-create. I wanted to stay true to the original design but I wasn’t able to do it. However, she was very patient and understanding about it.  So, she helped me to come up with something closer to the original idea.  Big Thanks, Bleu!!

Probably, I should have taken a more romantic picture of the two of them but I like this idea better.

I hope the plushies do justice to the original characters.


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Commission – Link (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

Special thanks to the awesome plush maker WindQueen (DA) who helped me with all her knowledge to place the magnets inside the hands of this plush. 

After so many, many weeks [months] I finally finished working on Link.  This is the 2nd  commission for Aarux on DA. She gave me the best reference pictures ever, so, I tried my best to add as many details as possible.  A few things are not accurate like the sword handle. The first one look a bit weird, so, I decided to make it simple and not like the original design [believe me the first one look ugly].

I had a great time working on this plush and working with the commissioner who is a very patient and amazing person. I spent so much time working on this plush that I sure will miss seeing him on my table.

Hopefully, this plush is worth all the waiting.


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Handmade clothes – Bratzillaz Jade

This a Bratzillaz doll, her name is Jade and she is from the Magic Night Out series from some years ago.  I like the original outfit but the idea I had when I got her was to make clothes for this kind of doll which ended up being too difficult. The only patterns that I have found are for Barbie but not for Bratzillaz or for Monster high, whose bodies are even more bizarre. I will continue trying to sew tiny clothes but only when I feel like I am not stressed and have a lot of time to spend on each item.

Looking at both of the pictures it’s really weird how the clothes can change the doll’s personality without altering the original design.




The boots are from a Bratzillaz fashion pack, yep that was the only reason I bought it.

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