Well, these are the finished plushies using my new chibi pattern, I’m testing the pattern by making some chibi dolls for my friends.  I will be using safety eyes unless the dolls are based on a famous character like the third one.

The first one is for a friend dressed as her original character.

Second – dressed as Totoro

Third – Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler dressed as a cat.

Fourth – dressed as Pikachu, he is the only one available in our Artfire store.


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I know it has been so long since my last post and a lot of things have happened, unfortunately not good things, but for now I will share my new amigurumi creations.  They are available in our Artfire store.

First is The Once-ler; I made him once before, but this time I brushed his yarn hair and gave him rosy cheeks.

Second is Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians, I made him before as well but this time I made him in amigurumi form.Third is Pusheen, I gave him a chocolate chip cookie to make him happy.


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WIP – Dolls 2

For the second doll I decided to turn her into a Studio Ghibli character. The dress, the shoes and the wig were finish long ago but like all of my other projects she was left half way through, but when I saw my sister working on Totoro I decided to finish the little girl.

Can you guess who she is?

It is Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service. She is missing her little broom but hopefully it will arrive soon and then she will be ready to look for her new home.

I believe I have one more doll, but I don’t know which character to do, maybe in the following days I’ll decide who to make.


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WIP – Dolls

I have been doing so many things for the past three weeks but I am going to start by posting about a project I started months ago.

It began when  I went on a shopping spree, I bought a lot of 80’s Strawberry Shortcake dolls, I came across some dolls from Bandai who for some reason lost their hair, they were bold and without clothes.

My idea was to repaint those without hair; I have seen so many re-painted dolls and they look beautiful but soon I came across with problems, for example what type of primer, sealer, paints or pencils to use.  But the biggest setback/problem was that I remembered that I can’t paint a pair of eyes, the first eye always a piece of cake the second one never,  the second eye will always look wonky; that is why I decided to go with the easy way and used safety eyes.  But to be honest it is hard to poke a hole in the little doll’s face, both physically and emotionally.

The dresses, shoes, and wig cap are crocheted and the hair is yarn.




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Totoro Plushie — For Sale

Finally I was able to create my very first pattern!! Oh, happy day!!  This was one of those unfinished projects that was lost and forgotten. This Totoro plushie was supposed to be a Christmas present [last year] but I wasn’t able to finish the pattern on time and finding that type of nose was just as hard as drafting the pattern.  I’m not a pattern maker but I was determined to draft a simple Totoro pattern, so, the plushie would be extra special.  The pattern is not perfect and probably not accurate but I’m very happy how it turned out and I hope my friends would love it.

These days I’m trying to use all the fabric left from past projects and sell the plushies for less that what I would charge for a commission. So, I’ll be putting him for sale on my store if someone is interested in buying him.–_my_neighbor_totoro


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Commission – Lavi (D.Gray-man)

This happy chibi  is Lavi from “D.Gray-man” and it was a commission for L on DA

Adding all the white trim was time-consuming but we like the result. We thought making the hair style was going to be difficult but it wasn’t…first of all because the headband did all the trick. Second of all, the commissioner suggested to leave it without any stiffener. Cool, huh?

The jacket has a functional zipper but it is not removable. The scarf is not removable.  The headband has a velcro closure and the details were handpainted. the main belt has a side release buckle and the second belt has O-rings and a metal slide. He has only one eye.


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Takumi Plushie — Fire Emblem Fates

First of all I have to apologize to my sister for not uploading all the plushies she has made, that is the difference between the two of us while I sulk, get depressed and hide from the world she works her butt off. -Mekka

After so many rough times and without the energy to do much, we  just had to drag ourselves to work on commissions.  We didn’t know where to start . . .there were little things to finish on this and other plushies.  However after a few hours working on the commissions we just realized how much we love doing this.  It brings us so much joy seeing each plushie completed.

Anyway, this little guy is Takumi from “Fire Emblem Fates” and it is a commission for A on DA.

We couldn’t have done this guy without the help of  the commissioner. She was the first commissioner to get really involved in making this guy a one of a kind.  Thanks to her who found that beautiful spot fur and that amazing yarn this plushie have those distinctive details. Not only she was very helpful but she was very patience and understanding with all the delays.

The bow was made of paper clay, foam and wire.  I don’t think it looks that bad but I sure feel like I have to improve a lot. It has a magnet to hold the bow which by the way it is a bit heavy and the magnet barely holds it.




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