Gifts for my Tiny Friends

When I gave the dolls to my sister I wasn’t sure she was going to spend some time on them since she was working on her Bratzilla and Barbie. To my surprise, my sister was the first one to make a cute little crochet dress for her Berry Fairy.  After that she hasn’t stopped creating and making little things for her dolls and my dolls.  Here are some of the things she had made for my dolls.  A white fence,  a children’s swing, a rocking horse and some hats.




What started as a project to make tiny clothes for my new friends it turned into a  more interesting and fun hobby.  I would say…Forget about making clothes I just want to take pictures of my dolls!


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Almost two months ago I adopted 2 strawberry shortcake dolls for my project “scraps”.  The minute I took my new tiny friends out of the box they completely stole my heart with their cute and innocent look.  I absolutely thought they were the cutest dolls I’ve  ever seen.   I was so happy with my new friends that I decided to adopt two more for my sister.

For some weird reason I always want my sister to have identical items like the ones I have.  Although I spend days searching for dolls identical to the ones I bought, I had no luck.  Yet, I still managed to find a nice pair of dolls.  The hardest one to find was the Huckleberry Pie doll.

As I was searching for Huckleberry I came across a nice strawberry fairy doll and this time the seller had a few of these identical dolls.  LUCKY DAY!! I just couldn’t ignore such a great opportunity and a week later I bought two dolls. Finally, my sister and I have  one identical doll in our rooms.

I thought  my search for dolls came to an end. . . but it was far from over.

For some time I had been thinking in buying an 18 inch doll, so, I could practice sewing/dress making but buying an “American girl doll” wasn’t in my budget.  While I was searching for the dolls for my sister I found a 15” Playmates Strawberry Doll and I couldn’t resist the temptation to adopt her.  She looked cute and the size was perfect [she was not too small and not too big] for my small room [not enough space for new items.]

After my sister saw the doll she joke about the doll saying that she needed a friend to play with. Those words kept ringing inside my head and the impulsive me started the search again to find a friend for my Strawberry doll.  Then, I adopted Rainbow Sherbet, so, Strawberry would have someone to play with.  A few days later I adopted another Rainbow Sherbet for my sister and just two days ago I adopted another Strawberry doll for my sister.

Yup, I’m so impulsive…my bad!  I must confess that it has been a really long time since I bought a doll or toy or a collectible for me.   it is not as if I buy stuff too often, so, I think it is not as bad as it sounds.



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Time For Introductions

I know it is way over due but they are finally ready to be introduced to the world. One of these little cuties made her debut a while ago modeling her new clothes but not with her brother and sister and without her original clothes.

They are around 5″ tall.



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Miniature Rocking Horse

I always get excited for my sister’s birthday and seeing how excited she is with her new dolls I wanted to give her some props for her dolls. I made her a simple swing set and a white picket fence but I really wanted to make her a wooden rocking horse.  But because I wasn’t confident enough I began looking for ornaments, but they weren’t bigger than 3 inches.

After looking around I saw this simple design and I thought it was cute and easy to make, and on a trip to the hardware store I bought the materials.  After 2 days of work and with the help of my father, I asked him to cut the rockers, it was done and just in time for her birthday.  The final size is 5 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ x 4 1/4″.


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New Dolls!

For my birthday my sister gave three Strawberry Shortcake dolls. After my sister got her little dollies she got four more, three were for me and the other one for her.  I also got a 15” Strawberry Shortcake doll just for fun.  Don’t get me wrong I still like my other dolls, Barbie, Jade (Bratzillaz) and Winx but there is something about these Strawberry Shortcake dolls that make me smile.

So, for the past week I have been trying to make tiny clothes for my new adorable friends.  I was inspired by and among others.

The pattern I used was for a Littlest Petshop Blythe doll.  I only had white crochet thread size #10 and I use a size 7 hook, it was a little big on the chest but with a few stitches gone it was perfect.  After the first dress my sister asked me to make her doll pantaloons, this time I use a pattern from but instead of 40 I work on 30 stitches and for the top I use the same Blythe pattern adding a few more stitches and row at the bottom.

For now I am sticking with crochet but maybe in the coming days I will try to sew tiny clothes again.


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The 10th Doctor Doll Clothes

I just finished putting together the outfit for the 10th doctor doll.  I’m so happy to make the coat fully lined. I truly thought I wasn’t going to be able to make the coat with a lining because it looks too complicated but I tried my best to be patient and it finally came out not so terrible. lol  His suit was the easiest part to make, well, except for the front pocket on the upper left side.

Unfortunately I cannot take credit for making the cute sneakers. Those shoes are for the American Girl Dolls. The only thing I can take credit for is altering the pattern of the foot to make it fit the shoes.  Now my dolls can wear real shoes, ahem, for dolls.  Well, not all styles of shoes because my dolls are only 14 inches tall, which means the boots for the american girl dolls would be too long for my doll’s legs.

Hopefully, I’ll finish the 10th doctor soon and I’ll put him for sale.


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Yuu Handmade Doll

Yuu is 1 of 2 doll commissions.

This is my first anime commission and the second super chibi doll I made. Only the jacket is removable. It took me a month to finish this little guy. The character design is not too complex but I decided to a make a detailed doll by using fabric and trims instead of felt and paint, so it took me quite a while to put everything together. Also, I tried a different technique for the hair since the plain yarn hair didn’t suit the character.

I’m quite happy how it turned out but I have to admit that I find quite hard to make dolls this size, especially making the clothes.

Before I forget … credits for the doll pattern goes to “Baby London Star“. I used one of her free patterns and altered it a bit.


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